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David Allen


Cooper Marx


Ty Ellis

What can you say about a band that just keeps moving along, progressing toward goals and doing what needs to be done to get there, other than let's wish them the best and vote them the best, too? Since their 2018 high school days in Rochester, these best buds and bandmates have continually moved forward. They hit the local scene hard and heavy – leading to opening concert slots for major artists – then recorded in Nashville with a Grammy-award winning team on their first release, The Psychedelic Picnic, and continued with that same production setup for the upcoming Waterfront album.

The biggest progress seen in UNCHAiNED has definitely been along the original music path, a necessary function for a band that wants to do more than play the area bars and clubs. Most acts begin with cover songs that friends and fans enjoy, but adding the self-penned portion of the equation is what separates groups that reach beyond the starting point and head toward success on another level, and that's exactly what our readers see happening to UNCHAiNED as they've chosen them once again (first time was in 2021) to be our community's best original band.

It's definitely not a stretch to believe that the best original band would also have several members in other Best of Springfield categories, as is the case here. Ty Ellis is on a roll, taking the cake again as best bass player, while Cooper Marx (guitar) and David Allen (male vocalist) reached the winner's platform for the first time in their respective areas.

While it's possible the other musicians in the band were also close to getting a "Best of" nod, what really matters is that each member of the group adds the very best they can to each performance, in the studio and on stage. That propels UNCHAiNED on to bigger and better things, which will undoubtedly and ultimately lead to being the best here, there and everywhere.

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