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Chris Mizera

Here we have another first-time winner in a popular category, and it's likely not a coincidence that our top vote-getter is the drummer (with vocals) in the band Deja Voodoo, which took top honors for overall band as well as cover band for 2023.

Chris serves up more than the beat and rhythm behind his fellow Deja Voodoo-ers, as he adds the heartbeat to the group, keeping time while keeping up with some of the best drummers on the planet in covering the tunes this band covers. A lifelong member of the pounding-on-the-skins club, Chris adds an incredible punch to his terrific drumming by bringing in those glorious vocals capable of giving his bandmates harmony, melody and whatever is needed in between. And if you think drumming and singing is an easy task, yes, you can think again.

Along with all available limbs going in different directions on the drums, try singing a song simultaneously and you'll soon discover why it's a select group of humans on the planet who are able to do such a job. Congrats to Chris Mizera, our readers' pick for best drummer in 2023, and a singing one at that.

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