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Deja Voodoo

We could try to make a pun on the deja vu reference here, but since this is the first time this band has ever won a Best of Springfield category, that might sound somewhat silly. But for Deja Voodoo to come out on top in our two generally most highly-contested music spots for a first-time win is not silly at all and actually quite un-deja-vu-like, or perhaps, more akin to the Voodoo part of this peculiar moniker.

Bandmates Steve Clark, Jr. (lead vocals), Mark Hayes (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Roger Wainwright (keyboards, vocals), Chris Mizera (drums, vocals), Jeff Wheaton (guitar, vocals) and Kortney Leatherwood (bass, vocals) joined forces in 2017. They hit stages all over the Midwest, delivering decades of experience on their musical instruments, adding up to a whole lot of playing to get to the level of playing these gentlemen bring to every gig. If you notice that behind the listing of the instrument each musician plays it also includes vocals, there's a big clue as to the success of this amazing band.

With so much talent around, it should come as no surprise that the songs you might hear at a Deja Voodoo show are from the top bands of their genre of pop-rock hits from the late 1970s. Songs performed include "Heat of the Moment" by Asia, "One of These Nights" by the Eagles, "Too Much Time on my Hands" by Styx and "Somebody's Baby" by Jackson Browne.

Just to belabor the point and to point out why these guys received the most votes for best overall band in combination with best cover band, these songs they do are on the difficult end of the rock-world scale, and to do them well requires a high-performance level of musicianship that few in our scene can accomplish.

Now that we're done gushing about how good this band really is, let's take a moment to congratulate them on the wonderful recognition and to set our sights on getting out to their next show.

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