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"Rock and Rolled"

Imagine a museum exhibition inspired by the music that we love from the last fifty years. It would feature painting, photography, sculpture, installation and illustrations. Then we pair the art with rocks, minerals, fossils and meteorites from our world renowned Geology Collection at the Illinois State Museum.

This is ROCKED & ROLLED! A celebration of music that has defined the culture combined with timeless geological specimens embodying the structure of the earth from our permanent collection.

Featuring the artwork of Daniel McAdam, Judy & Bill Anderson, Yams, Christine Duray, Warren Linn, Larry Brogan, Dylan Fish, Plastic Crimewave, John Spear, Mac Blackout, Princess Etch-A-Sketch, Donna Castellanos, Ian Sherwin, Lee Grantham, Kelly Eddington, Melina Ausikaitis, Matthew Hong,
Erika Iri5, Ian Sherwin

Featuring the photography of Patty Ratzel, Doug Carr, Chris Young, Jim Stark

SPIN-IT record installation organized by Robin Monique-Rios

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