Springfield Clinic to be major sponsor for Scheels Sports Park

Springfield Clinic’s name and logo will appear on the inflated dome of a 190,000-square-foot structure for indoor practices and competitions at Scheels Sports Park at Legacy Pointe.

That name recognition for the clinic, one of the largest multispecialty medical groups in Illinois, is just one part of its involvement as the park’s official Health and Performance Partner, according to Cal Thomas, the clinic’s chief development officer.

click to enlarge Springfield Clinic to be major sponsor for Scheels Sports Park
Courtesy of Springfield Clinic
This is an architectural rendering of the building (left) that Springfield Clinic plans to construct and attach to an air-supported, domed structure at the future Scheels Sports Park at Legacy Pointe.
Though all the plans haven’t been finalized, the clinic’s “multimillion-dollar commitment over a 20-year period” will include construction of a brick-and-mortar building attached to the dome for sports-medicine, rehabilitation and performance-enhancing services for competitive and casual athletes in the region, he said.

Outside the park but still in the Legacy Pointe development, the clinic plans to build a walk-in clinic where patients will be able to receive services ranging from urgent and primary care to specialty care.

That clinic will cater to area residents as well as young athletes and their families who may be visiting Springfield for a tournament, Thomas said.

The park, which is being constructed through a public-private partnership and expected to be completed by the end of 2025, could become a place where the clinic provides a central location where already-existing strength, conditioning and speed-enhancement businesses can offer services, Thomas said. The clinic, an 80-year-old, for-profit entity, is reaching out to those businesses to collaborate, he said.

“Instead of replicating what’s (already) here, we want to be that central force that pulls all of those together and develops a true, integrated program that’s offered here on this complex,” Thomas said.

He said he didn’t have specific estimates for the cost of the new buildings and for exercise and calisthenics stations that will be placed throughout the park.

He declined to say what the clinic will pay for naming rights that allow the clinic’s brand to be placed on the dome. Park organizers said the dome, also known as an air structure, will be the largest of its kind in the world for youth sports and will be held up with air pressure and not columns.

click to enlarge Springfield Clinic to be major sponsor for Scheels Sports Park
Courtesy of Springfield Clinic
Here's an architectural rendering of an aerial view of a section of Scheels Sports Park at Legacy Pointe, which includes an air-supported, domed structure (left) that will provide various options for indoor sports competitions and practice sessions. The dome will be branded with the name and logo of Springfield Clinic.

Thomas said he did research on other partnerships between medical providers and youth sports complexes in Illinois and other parts of the country, but he found none quite like this.

“We think we can bring something unique to a project that’s already unique in its own right. … Nothing is really like this in the Midwest,” he said.

“We’re deeply committed to redefining the future of health care in our communities, so our support for this project goes beyond dollars and cents,” Thomas said. “We see it as an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind destination for performance and wellness that this region has never seen.”

Ryan McCrady, chief executive officer of Springfield Sangamon Growth Alliance, said: “This investment by Springfield Clinic is a game-changing development for this project. It’s a shining example of the strong sense of community that Springfield has always had, and I hope it encourages other homegrown organizations and businesses to get behind this effort that we will all benefit from.”

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