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Josh Wright, co-owner of Clique, one of Springfield’s six bars allowed to stay open until 3 a.m. on certain days of the week, speaks to the Springfield City Council on June 11 and asks council members to turn down a proposed ordinance that would eliminate 3 a.m. liquor licenses.

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How about a points system for violations (at 3 a.m. bars that have issues)? You are throwing out the baby with the bath water ("City may delay vote on 3 a.m. liquor licenses," June 17).

As for the idea if there is a call for service at a bar then safety and security for west-side wards is in jeopardy, that can be stated for every ward because of the number of police that show up at various calls for service. Are we deploying our resources correctly? Are we using technology? Is technology proving to be worth the cost?

For example, there are more and more studies stating that ShotSpotter is not as effective or accurate as we were led to believe. Many cities are not renewing contracts.

If we are eliminating 3 a.m. licenses to be consistent with the county, then let's study the creation of a metropolitan police force. There would be less bureaucracy, less management and more cops on the streets.

Aaron McEvoy



The only job performance I'm concerned about is the capacity in which Lakeisha Purchase was elected to serve the people of Springfield, which has been exquisite ("Lakeisha Purchase violated IDOT policy, report says," June 6).

Joshua Seth Purdy



Well now, let us pinpoint Lakeisha Purchase specifically, as this behavior is unprecedented in the Springfield area, right? In fact, there are currently individuals engaging in that same behavior, as well as those who have been participating in it for far more extended periods without a peep.

I do not suggest turning a blind eye to this practice, but it has been overlooked for decades, until now. Perhaps it is time to raise awareness and reveal all individuals who have been complicit in this conduct. Knowing the history of Springfield, it is evident this is also likely influenced by political motivations.

Harrison C. Michaels



Thank you to IT music columnist Tom Irwin for reminding us that it was the late Eric Welch who started the Legacy of Giving downtown music festival under the name SOHO ("Now Playing," June 6). The folks who took over the festival from Eric wanted to make a clean break with him, so they changed the name. 

Like all of us, Eric had his flaws, but he was a cool guy who was the driving force behind the first successful long-running charity music festival in our town that has far outlived his all-too-short life.

Thanks to Tom for giving Eric his due, and keeping us up to date each week on all the great live music we are blessed to have in Springfield.

Sam Cahnman



Christian Ryan's recommendation that Springfield emulate Detroit follows a tried-and-true activism formula ("Downtown Springfield should take a page from Detroit's playbook," May 23). He paints a glorious picture of results we all wish for and glazes over all details except one. He draws the foundation of Detroit's success from the wallet of an extremely wealthy, motivated and generous donor. 

Although Springfield is currently absent a handy donor with a list of interests, the city council and chamber of commerce are being prodded to develop incentives by guessing. That can only lead to over-incentivizing and attracting investment that arrives for the reward without a care for the result. 

Step one is to identify and secure conditional commitments from motivated investors. Without funding the rest is fantasy, and you'll never get a shovel turning dirt.

John Levalley

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