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Catch The Tangents at Locals in Pawnee this Friday and at 1905 Brewing in Assumption this Sunday.

Welcome back my friends, to the show that, hopefully (and I have no reason to believe otherwise at this point), never ends as we continue to waft through the various music acts performing in Springfield. This week doesn't seem to have a theme, as they sometimes appear to do, so therefore and herewith, let's get cracking at the assortment of happenings.

For our weekly Thursday excursion, try this very neat event when Chris Vallillo, a folk singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, educator, promoter and creator of theme performances and recordings (and that's not all he does, folks), presents "Experience Songs of Illinois," a fascinating, more-than-music program at the UIS Performing Arts Center Studio Theatre. Chris performs on a selection of his own heritage instruments, including an 1880 hammer dulcimer, 1890 skin-head banjo and 1936 Dobro-brand slide guitar, plus other tools of his trade to create a "sensory-friendly experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment," leading listeners through the history of Illinois with songs and instruments.

As we traverse to Friday, here's another stellar jazz act at Boones (see what happens when things happen) when Andrew Binder, a St. Louis-based bassist working on his DMA at U of I C-U (he has his master's and B.M.A. degrees in jazz studies, composition and double bass already) offers up his "little trio" to perform jazz music of dizzying quality. The Friday Night Jazz, sponsored by the Springfield Area Arts Council (I know I mention them a lot, but I wish I could more for all they do to promote music and art in the Springfield area), continues to deliver, and as I cryptically mentioned above, it is what happens when an effort is made to start something new in town and folks stick with it.

More stuff on Friday occurring at our set slate of bars tendering music include these outgoing bands you should be out and going to see. Up first because he's No. 1, Jason McKenzie, your 2022 IT's voters' choice for Best Male Vocalist, sings his way into Third Base, the Curve Inn paints the town with a Pink Floyd tribute called This One's Pink, Weebles floats the Silver Lake Band to shore, Grounded flies unscathed into the Blue Grouch and the Shenanigans drive in style straight into Motorheads.

In the special mention category, Dumb Records hosts an Activator Magazine Open Mic (sign up ahead of time for a 10-minute slot) with performances by Ted Keylon, Drunken Goblins and Cee Jones following when the mic closes.

To name a few Saturday night shows happening, we have the singing and songwriting of JD Wilson at the intimate inside area of Walnut Street Winery in Rochester (adjusted music time of 4-7 p.m.), Jeff Young and the Bad Grandpas being good on the cool corner stage at Mowie's Cue, After School Special in attendance at Locals in Pawnee and The Tangents (now married for three wonderful weeks, we congratulate Tiffany and Casey) spreading the love in Assumption at the 1905 Brewing Company.

For special mention this Saturday, to celebrate the birthday of Greg L. and more, the Columbian Grand Hall of Knights of Columbus 364 pumps up high-octane, Chicago blues-rock in the fabulous form of Mondo Cortez and the Chicago Blues Angels.

In visiting our Sunday (I hope it's a) Funday schedule, we find the incomparable Mandy Rose singing up a storm at Slaughterhouse Brewery in Auburn, Al Kitchen doing country right at Trail's End in Curran and the Longmeyer Band kicking up the dust in a cool country way at Danenbergers Family Vineyards.

If you want more, there's plenty more where this came from in our music listings. See ya.

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