I shared “work-thoughts-1” with
a teacher friend single mom who
works a second job her response:
“Those words prompted me to
think about what I value in this
work too. I enjoy the catering for
I get to interact with a very
different set of people, in other
employees and guests. I feel my
work contributes to the wellbeing
of everyone who attends an
event – I get to take care of people
even if they don’t realize I am
taking care of them. I get to be
generous and kind in interesting
ways, and I love the physicality
of the work – the sounds, the smells,
the work with my hands, the feel
and weight of ceramic and glass
and cloth napkins. Even dirty ones.
And I like the pace of the work, the
rhythm of it. What always amuses
me is reading people’s assumptions
about me (and all of us) because I’m
doing this work: I must be very needy
uneducated, unable to know worldly
things. I don’t dispel their notions. But
this experience makes me wonder about
my own assumptions of other people.”

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