wordsy poem #1      

I’m fond of words that’s no  
surprise I like little big old  
new made-up made-down smiley
saintly smutty it’s evident though
that individual-one goes heavily
for the latter it does seem to be
catching--our general populace
has permission to use much more
freely this new normalcy of  
insultiture the barr has surely
been lowered I am currently
contemplating the word “sniffy”
(which is the way I heard it)
used with disdain about that
carefully crafted letter from the
special counsel might the a.g.  
mean “snitty”? “shitty”? “shifty?”
surely not “spiffy” or “nifty”-- his   
visage voiced his views (I’m an
admirer of alliteration also) albiet
he dismissed the writer as “staff”   
(isn’t the signer staff too?) (was the  
report to sniff the truth, maybe lies?)    
well here’s a new usage to ponder  
can’t categorize as “guttery” though  
not “from  heaven or near it” which  
reminds us of that poet who used a    
six syllable word to praise a skylark

©2019 Jacqueline Jackson

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