this babble game on the net
sorta like boggle isn’t a complete
waste of time yesterday I learned
“isohyets” are lines on a map that
connect areas of equal rainfall I
see that useful in conversation I
already knew “oriel” a window but
it pleasantly recalled st chapelle
another “feces” familiar enough
yet a reminder of our common
humanity broader though for all
creatures defecate even bacteria
the weight of an old bed pillow is
said to be half dust mite excretia
sobering thought maybe no one
will want to talk to me today don’t
know I even want my own company
let’s see what the current words net
ah here are agora aristate gnat and
gnaws hock hogan and this oddity
ringtaws accepted in the grid but
the babble dictionary gives no hint
nor taws alone does no one play
tops or marbles anymore we did

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