Sept. 20, 1946 – Nov. 16, 2019 and July 29, 1947-Nov. 16, 2019

Bill and Jackie Protz were extraordinary and unique on their own, but together, they were unstoppable. Since their marriage in 1965, they enjoyed creating a tight-knit family, NHRA drag racing, traveling to watch their son, Randy, in his football playing and coaching career and then doing the same watching their granddaughters, Jenna and Brandy, in all their sports and activities. Bill was a strong, humble and quiet man who quickly had his wife, and then son, heavily involved in drag racing. He was an award-winning NHRA tech inspector and an attention-to-detail crew chief for Randy. Bill was a retired CIPS/Ameren journeyman who loved having coffee with his friends, snacks and of course racing and other sports. Jackie was full of joy, strength and kindness. She lit up every room she was in, and she would make everyone feel special. Aside from being one of the area pioneers of females in drag racing, she enjoyed working at the Moultrie County Courthouse, snapchatting her granddaughters Brandy and Jenna, talking on the phone to her friends daily and the ocean. Submitted by her granddaughter, Brandy Protz

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