The results are in. Whether you’re dismayed or elated, the voters have spoken. Republican president-elect Donald Trump took 50.83 percent of the vote in Sangamon County, leaving Democrat Hillary Clinton with 41.55 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson got 4.57 percent in Sangamon County, and Green nominee Jill Stein took just 1.46 percent. Nearly 73 percent of Sangamon County voters cast a ballot. Trump’s support came from rural and wealthier urban precincts, where turnout tended to be in the range of about 70 to 85 percent. Clinton had more support in lower-income urban precincts, where turnout was around 45 to 65 percent. Johnson’s highest level of support was 8.5 percent support in one precinct, while Stein managed a high of 3.98 percent in one precinct. Both third-party candidates saw support from a mix of Republican and Democrat-leaning precincts around the city.

The map below depicts Trump's percentage of support, with red areas having the strongest support for Trump and blue areas having less. (Most of the blue areas went to Clinton, but a few which are light blue still had majority Trump support.) Hover over a precinct to see a short summary, and click a precinct to see more detail, including vote totals and percentages.

This map depicts voter turnout. Brighter purple means a higher percentage of registered voters cast ballots. Note the higher turnout in rural and wealthier urban districts than in less wealthy urban districts.

Find the raw data here.

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