Feeling cramped by COVID restrictions mandated by Gov. JB Pritzker? Move to Oklahoma, which is the least-restrictive state when it comes to measures – think mask mandates, temperature screenings before entering buildings, restrictions on public gatherings, whether bars and restaurants are open and between what hours – taken to keep people alive and healthy, according to WalletHub, an online personal finance company that provides the curious with credit scores and financial advice. Illinois, according to WalletHub, ranked 42nd on the least-restrictive list, which might be something worth boasting about, given trends that show positivity and death rates are declining in the Land of Lincoln. Then again, there is California, which WalletHub deemed the most restrictive, perhaps because so many folks have been dying that they had to do something. The Midwest, according to WalletHub, is something of an anything-goes region when it comes to COVID restrictions. Iowa ranked third as of Jan. 26 in the least-restrictive matrix, falling one spot from its number two ranking last October. Missouri, which ranked number one in October, has fallen a bit but still finished seventh.

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