Photo courtesy Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

Looking for assistance while you’re here? Stop by our new visitors center and let one of our travel experts help you. Be sure to ask how you can park free!

Springfield Visitors Center at Lincoln-Herndon Law Office
One S. Old State Capitol Plaza (on the corner of 6th & Adams)
217-789-2360 •
Open Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm. Additional seasonal,
special event evening and weekend hours


Don’t use up your data! SpringfieldFreeWifi is available in outdoor spaces across historic downtown. No kidding. No charge!

Aware Wayfinding

Designed for inclusivity, Aware by Sensible Innovations brings new technology to Springfield with audible directions and descriptions of attractions, hotels, restaurants and local boutiques in downtown Springfield to the visually impaired.

Grow with us as Aware becomes a centralized resource for travelers to Springfield, providing them with tourist information and GPS directions to destinations across the city as well as up to date special event news. Powered by Google Translate, future upgrades will translate all content for our visitors from around the world. Search for “Sensible Innovations” on the Android Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Group Tours

Each year, groups from around the globe travel to Springfield to visit our wonderful historic sites and attractions. Visit Springfield invites your group to Illinois’ Capital City.

For groups of 15 or more, our group tour program allows you to create your own tour schedule.
It’s easy. Simply register for a username and password. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive immediate confirmation of your registration and be able to log into the Group Tour Program to begin creating your tour schedule. Find out more at or call us at 217-789-2360.

TOUR Services

Springfield Walks offers step-on and tour guide services. Find out more at or call us at 217-502-8687.

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