(I'm not in Vermont but here's word

from the Lake Iroquois Association!)

"Dear Friends,

We hope you have been enjoying our

loon family swimming around the lake.

Yes, they are back! Have you heard

their laughter? Caleb Nye, a student at

Champlain Valley Union High School, as

part of his Eagle Scout project, has been

working with Eric Hanson of the Loon

Restoration Project. They have been

setting up signs protecting our loon

nesting site from boaters and hikers.

This Friday Caleb will be passing out

pamphlets on the loon project to all

homeowners on the lake. He will

be keeping proper social distance,

just as we are all keeping proper

distance from our loons. Be sure

to polish up your binoculars, though!"

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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