In 2003 Suzie Stephens formed a musical enterprise that would give her the outlet necessary to best use her music inspirations and aspirations. Now 15 years into the project, Ultraviolet is still going strong as the band celebrates the occasion with another gig. Suzie learned to enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of music as a kid, then took to playing the piano and joining the school band to further her experience from listening to performing. She takes care of the business end for Ultraviolet as well as being the lead vocalist and de facto leader of the band, surrounding herself with top-notch musicians including Duane Osborne (guitar, vocals), Joe Council (bass, vocals), Bethany Deem (keyboards, vocals), Jason Richno (vocals) and Ric Bietsch (drums, vocals) who bring it on as she books the group into all kinds of venues. Congratulations to Suzie and the band for keeping it going and going for keeps, and please be sure to wish her a happy 50th birthday at midnight during the gig.

15-year anniversary party
Saturday, Dec. 8, 6:30pm
Capital City Bar & Grill

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