UIS Visual Arts Gallery walk-through

The University of Illinois Springfield Visual Arts Gallery is hosting a curatorial walk-through for its current exhibition, The Magnificently Mundane, a group exhibition that presents works selected from the field of graphic design by designers from throughout the country. Brytton Bjorngaard, UIS assistant professor of digital media and curator of this exhibit, will lead the walk-through of the exhibition where she will guide the audience through the works on display and share contextual information about both the works and field of graphic design. According to Bjorngaard, “Design is part of our everyday. It’s the cereal box opened at breakfast to the junk mail when home from work. It’s the mundane. It’s the magnificent, whether created for a client, part of a research project or for pleasure.”

The Magnificently Mundane
March 27, 2 p.m. Wed.
UIS Visual Arts Gallery
1 University Plaza

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