This independent singer-songwriter in the rock and Americana field hails from some crazy, faraway place called Springfield, Illinois. Tyler has amassed a regular area following, commonly known as the Tyler Daniel Army, and they show up to support the fledgling entertainer with verve and gusto. Attend one of his shows and you will be converted to the pull of the TD magnetism, powered by the aggressive and demonstrative playing of Tyler and backed by his well-qualified bandmates, Bill Cox, Casey McCausland and Matt Plunkett. Fans, friends and family sing along to songs and regularly give up a hoot and a holler, all while acting like they are having a great deal of fun, because they actually are. Back in November, Tyler released his debut single, “The Other Side,” which is available on all the cool digital music outlets. Always staying busy and working on the music, he is currently involved in creating a full-length EP down in Nashville with producer Nick Baumhardt. Carry on, Tyler, carry on.

Tyler Daniel
Wayward Motel
Curtis & Lance
Saturday, Aug. 24, 7:30 p.m.
Bar None

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