The late Patsy Cline

The word inimitable doesn't seem far off the mark when talking about the huge, resonant force of nature that was Patsy Cline's singing voice, but that isn't stopping the Legacy Theatre and Roxy Productions from doing their damnedest to resurrect the sound and spirit of the down-home diva, who perished in a plane crash 50 years ago last month at age 30.

Based on actual correspondence between The Cline (played by Lori Ann McCabe) and fan Louise Seger (played by Sandra Fritz), Always...Patsy Cline provides as good an opportunity as any to revisit the near-mythical star's fantastic catalog of songs.

Check out this 1957 rendition of Walking After Midnight and then head out to the Legacy this weekend to see how close they were able to get. Try not to judge too harshly, though: inimitable is always a hard act to follow.

Showtimes tonight and Thursday thru Saturday, April 18-20, are 8pm; Sunday, April 14 and 21, at 2pm. The Legacy Theatre is located at 101 E. Lawrence. Purchase tickets by calling 1-800-838-3006 or visiting Prices are $20, $18 in advance.

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