A central Illinois farm boy, born and raised, this singer-songwriter-performer takes those well-engrained country roots and adds an "eclectic mix of rock and pop" to create his signature sound. Now based in the Indianapolis area, in the last decade Tim played over there with several bands before recently launching his own Tim Neuman Band. He credits his late father, Jack Neuman, also a singing guitar player, as his number one musical inspiration and hopes "to be worthy enough to play" his dad's old Gretsch guitar someday. Tim released his first record, Country Life, in December 2019. The collection of songs features his ability to weave stories while describing emotions all with a contemporary country backing sound, fronted by his even- keeled, pleasing voice. He hopes that "people will listen in their cars, back porches and anywhere that they wish" and enjoy his effort to bring this lifelong dream of making music matter to all that might care to hear it.

Tim Neuman

The Deep Hollow

Friday, Feb. 28, 5:30 p.m.

Danenberger's Family Vineyards

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