thoughts and prayers poem #1

the topic this week was thoughts and
prayers our gun-toting (civil war musket)
pastor did not let us down he gave stats  
on shots-per-second of assault weapons
plus so much more it was pure gun control
he included lincoln’s letter to the mother
who’d lost five sons he gave the obamas’
words to parkland students: “not only have
you supported and comforted each other
but you’ve helped awaken the conscience
of the nation, challenged decision-makers
to make the safety of our children the
country’s top priority” I cannot here quote
the electrifying twenty minutes only say
that to me it is the zenith of martin’s words
so far in my years of attendance strengthened
my resolve to do as well as pray: for thoughts
are empty without the action so desperately
needed and so far not seen (amen and amen)

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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