A fairly new band in length of existence (they just got together a few months ago), this quartet comes complete with the attitude and ambition of a group that's been around for awhile. Each of The Pleiades, Carter Kelso (lead vocals, guitar), Trey Tholen (lead guitar), Eli Trimpe (bass, vocals) and Jake McNamara (drums, percussion), played in other groups, and they use their experience along with a deep set desire to make inspired music, to take this band where no other band has gone before. The guys claim they "didn't expect to gel" as easily as they did, while explaining it all by simply saying, "we do this because this is what we do," which is playing all-original music as one unit, truly believing that each member contributes an equal and vital role in inventing the band sound. With the noble and worthy mission "to create and share as much positive, gracious and pure raw energy as possible," as the guided intention of The Pleiades, look for this bunch to reach for the stars and get there.

The Pleiades

Saturday, Feb. 8, 8 p.m.

Anvil & Forge Brewing

and Distilling Company

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