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A modern, classic look. Show your style with a windowpane suit

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Photo by Joseph Copley
Terry Wilson, store manager at Jim Herron, Ltd., showing off his windowpane panel suit.

Clothing is more than just pieces of fabric that you wear – it is a means of self-expression. In men's fashion, one of today's most popular forms of this is the stylish windowpane pattern suit. "For the last five years or so that is the style everyone is looking for," says Marc Maslauski, owner of Jim Herron Ltd. "Guys see them in fashion magazines and advertisements and just have to have it."

The pattern in the suit is made of slightly elongated rectangles that can have the effect of slightly elongating the wearer. Windowpanes can both beef up a slim man's profile and have a slimming effect for the larger man. This nice visual trick makes the windowpane suit one of the most versatile styles a man can own.

Windowpanes can also be great for the chromatically challenged. The patterns offer an easy way to pair shirts and ties with their jackets.

"The best option is to pair a windowpane with a solid-color dress shirt," says Malauski, "but it's also popular to wear patterned shirts or ties with them. You just have to be careful about your color choices." Try to pick a color in the windowpane and go for complimentary colors in your shirt and tie. A windowpane-on-windowpane look can be great, but try to make it a simple pattern as a wild check shirt might look too busy.

"Two-button side vent suits are what we sell the most," says Malauski. "We can help with the fit and customize the inner lining and even the buttons. Adds another level of personal style." –Joseph Copley

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