Conceived in the fall of 2016, organized as a band in 2017 and releasing their first CD in 2018, The Mazed is on the move and playing all-original music all the time. Originating as a collaboration between songwriters Shane Bumgarner (guitars and vocals) and Tim Lacy (guitar, percussion and vocals), after musicians Steve Clark (drums and vocals), Kylan Davis (bass and vocals) and Ed Fliege (keyboards and vocals) fleshed out the melodies and harmonies, The Mazed became a true working group of experienced players. The original songs are inventive and infectious, cutting edge and listenable, surrounded by the style and sounds of those power pop and progressive rock bands of decades ago when playing an instrument well and singing harmonies in tune to challenging, yet catchy tunes was just expected of a rock musical group. The eight-song collection titled Inside Your Mind was recorded at Waterfront Studios with Cameron Yates and has been available online and at shows since late summer, but this gig is considered the “official” CD release party, so come prepared to be officially amazed by The Mazed.

The Mazed
The Station

Thursday, Oct. 11, 6pm
The Curve Inn
CD Release party

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