From now until Sept. 30, CrimeStoppers of Sangamon and Menard county will be presenting information about 10 cold case homicides to the public on a biweekly basis. A cold case is an unsolved homicide case that has reached a point where investigators can go no further without additional information.  During this time, law enforcement will offer an enhanced award of $5,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. Officer Michael Badger, CrimeStoppers coordinator, believes that all cases need to come to some sort of close. “It’s not just for the sake of the victims, but also for family members who seek answers,” Badger said.  Since the late 1970s, there have been approximately 50 unsolved cold case homicides in the Springfield area. If you have any tips for law enforcement in relation to any cold case, call the tip line anonymously at 217-788-8427.

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