The Dead Don't Hurt

The Dead Don't Hurt

The Dead Don’t Hurt is a story of star-crossed lovers on the western U.S. frontier in the 1860s. Vivienne Le Coudy (Vicky Krieps) is a fiercely independent woman who embarks on a relationship with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Viggo Mortensen). After meeting Olsen in San Francisco, she agrees to travel with him to his home near the quiet town of Elk Flats, Nevada, where they start a life together. The outbreak of the civil war separates them when Olsen makes a fateful decision to fight for the Union. This leaves Vivienne to fend for herself in a place controlled by corrupt Mayor Rudolph Schiller (Danny Huston) and his unscrupulous business partner, powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Garret Dillahunt). Alfred’s violent, wayward son Weston (Solly McLeod) aggressively pursues Vivienne, who is determined to resist his unwanted advances. When Olsen returns from the war, he and Vivienne must confront and make peace with the person each has become. Both a tragic love story and a nuanced depiction of the conflict between revenge and forgiveness, The Dead Don’t Hurt is a portrait of a passionate woman determined to stand up for herself in an unforgiving world dominated by ruthless men.

- Synopsis provided by Fabric Origin

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  • Viggo Mortensen


  • Vicky Krieps
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Solly McLeod
  • Garret Dillahunt
  • Colin Morgan
  • Ray McKinnon
  • W. Earl Brown
  • Danny Huston
  • Shane Graham
  • Rafel Plana


  • Viggo Mortensen


  • Amanda Verhagen
  • Andrew Kotliar
  • Angela Blair
  • Christina Wood
  • Daniel Bekerman
  • Gabriel Del Valle
  • Gabriel Terrazas
  • George Bennett
  • Gia Galligani
  • Ivan Kelava
  • Jeremy Thomas
  • Jesper Morthorst
  • Mariana Rodriguez Cabarga
  • Mark David
  • Nanna van Elk
  • Neil Mathieson
  • Paula Astorga
  • Peter Watson
  • Rasmus Rørdam Lund
  • Regina Solórzano
  • Roberto Paxson
  • Steve Solomos
  • Viggo Mortensen
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