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The Blues Expressions

Four years ago Adrian Muex knew he wanted to start a blues band. His previous live music experience entailed mostly church performances as a choir director and gospel singer influenced and inspired by his father, Alfred Muex, and other members of his musical family, so deciding on a band name and blues style was a new experience.  “I wanted to express the blues but didn’t know how I wanted to approach the blues so I said, ‘The Blues Expressions’ would be a good name. So here we are.” Joining bassist/manager Muex in the group are stalwarts of the area live music scene including Tony Young, Frank Parker, Santiago Roberts, Sr., Charles Tiner, Dion Doss and one of best blues vocalists and guitarists around, K.P. Pollard (also of Stone Cold Blues Band). Muex stays busy with another group of his making called Smoothtimes (see them Aug. 26 at Brookhills Golf Club, 8-11pm) featuring Marcus Taylor, C Lee and Decatur vocalist Jacki Flinn, plus some members of the Blues Expressions.

The Blues Expressions
Thu, Aug 25, 6-9pm
Da Burg, Warrensburg
Miller Bike Nite
Sat, Sept 3, 4-7pm
Sliderz, Decatur

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