Hey, these guys were good when they started and just keep getting better and better in live performance and on record. The celebration on Sunday presents both sides of the band with a live performance of the latest CD, Helpless, Hopeless, & Moving On, with Micah Walk opening the show. Bandmates Shane Bumgarner (banjo, vocals), Jeff Cunningham (doghouse bass), Jonathan Field (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Gary Fifer (mandolin) and Josh Parr (fiddle,vocals) literally worked on this recording for 2 ½ years, perfecting sounds and dissecting songs to create a real, modern masterpiece of acoustic music. The collection of 19 songs is interconnected in lyric meaning and title concept, but even more tied together through the striking instrumental performances and interesting arrangements. Recorded at Waterfront Recording Studios with studio owner and operator Camron Yates at the controls and featuring guests spots from Micah Walk and Rick Snow, it’s a job well-done and much appreciated. We wish the band the best of luck playing it live. That should be a real, cool experience for all concerned.

The Blue G’s
Micah Walk
Sunday, Sept. 17, 2pm
Danenberger’s Family Vineyard
CD Release Celebration

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