In recent months the strip center at Montvale Plaza (across from west side Schnuck’s) has had so many businesses coming and going  it was hard to keep track. 

Last month Sunny China House opened in the space next door to Little Caesar’s (which was either the space that used to be the Spaghetti Shop (that moved across Iles to the space that had been occupied by Monical’s Pizza) or maybe it was the space that had housed CocoBon Gourmet– a cute little kitchen/chocolate shop that just didn't tell enough people what they'd find inside.)  Pretty soon we’ll have a Great Harvest Bread store n the space that used to house the popular BrewBaker’s Cafe … may it rest in peace.

But I digress. I wanted to tell you about Sunny China House: It’s a pleasant little family run place with nice tables and chairs for dining in but they’ll wrap up anything to go as well. The hot tea is free and their menu includes everything Chinese from soup to nuts (2 full pages of choices) including my favorite stand by / always reliable General Tso’s Chicken. My only beef with this chicken dish – I have ordered it at 10 different places around town and always ask for it ‘extra hot’ (as in spicy) but either they don't really believe me or we have entirely different concepts of spicy.  (When my eyes water I know I have been understood.)    If you know the story of General Tso and his famous chicken recipe  and / or what I should say to ensure that next time there will be steam coming out of my ears would you please post a comment and fill me in? In the meantime, give Sunny China House a try – just bring your own hot sauce.

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