thanksgiving poem #7

one of the happiest events at
our university has occurred
yearly since ’77 the international
festival last week was no exception
colorful native dress and design
tasty native foods familiar and
unfamiliar tongues the variety of
games music and oh the dancing
cheered on by the appreciative
crowd irish scottish with bagpipes
little ones still learning the steps
but included with the bigger folk
honduran indian many varieties of
african each different poetry spoken
with drum beats hip-hop too made
you want to jump up swing into a
grand celestial do-si-do I laughed at
well fleshed gauzily draped bellies
women daring daunting drama with
that exposed anatomy it gave me
heart for my own protuberances
any part of us can dance at any age
my grandson will star in two scenes
of nutcracker granddaughter in one
both knowing the joy of movement
I felt tears though remembering my
mother nimbly skipping over and
around crossed swords and then my
daughter wildly improvising to
simon’s fiddle until the two swayed
and slowed to a hushed diminuendo
how she would have loved tonight
how both would have loved tonight
loved living in their lithesome bodies

©2013 Jacqueline Jackson

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