click to enlarge The Fabulous Hoedads perform at the Northenders VFW Hall on Stockyard Road Friday, Nov. 29.
The Fabulous Hoedads perform at the Northenders VFW Hall on Stockyard Road Friday, Nov. 29.

Welcome to our Thanksgiving special, complete with truckloads of thankfulness, the most prodigious party night of the year, a weekend full of happenings and a lead into the holiday season. Great googly-moogly, let's gobble up the gobbledygook as the ruckus gets going good right now.

Since we deliver Illinois Times a day early on Wednesday to avoid the ridiculous notion of putting out the paper on Thanksgiving Thursday, our Live Music listings gain a day. And that my friends, is a very good thing, especially for this specific holiday happening, for we all know by now that Thanksgiving Eve is known as the hellaciously huge, monstrously humongous, totally titanic, enormously epic, gigantically ginormous, stupidly stupendous and altogether astronomically astronomical, biggest party night of the year. So to accommodate this mega-bacchanalian notion, most establishments involved in the service of libations and entertainment offer up Wednesday night festivities.

For example, X-Krush crushes it good at the Curve Inn, while Father Hank and the Hammerheads debut their seven-piece band of renown at the Brewhaus, just as Eric Brackett and the Cocktails dish it out George Ranks, The Pleiades shine on at The Incubator and the Brat Pack are fit to be tied at Boondocks. Looks like Taylorville knows what we're talking about as Vigor Mortis breathes life into the Palomino Club, The Get Down gets down at Y-zoe's, while Resistant to Reason rolls into the Cork & Keg and Brandy Kristin & The Revival revive the Funky Monkey. Up north on 29, NCR drives it hard at Boar's Nest in Athens, as the Pop Ninjas chop it up at Pub 29 in Green Valley. Acoustic style acts abound with Tom Beverly and Geoff Ryan going for it at the Lucky Moon Saloon and Lyndsey Coonrod being there at 3Sixsteen down around Chatham, as Rickey Meredith's 70s Acoustic Show backs into Brookhills, Jimmy Riemer works overtime at The Office, the Lovdahls love and leave it at Hand of Fate in Petersburg and Mike Burnett punches the clock at Always After Five.

As one might imagine, the music making on Thanksgiving night is slim pickings, much like a turkey carcass looks about 8:30 at night after the big day. So this would be a very good time to do what the day is meant for and to give thanks for all. And more soberly and solemnly, a good time to acknowledge the losses we've experienced this last year, especially those in our music community.

By Friday, everyone is ready to hit it again and there's plenty to do. The Fabulous Hoedads, who may or may not be hoedads, but are most certainly fabulous, get the dancehall dancing at the Northenders VFW. Astrofix celebrates the anniversary (almost) of their debut CD, Astrof1x by performing the album in its entirety from "Alive" to "Open" at the Trading Post Saloon, then finishing up with a good blast of new material and other stuff too. We've got a special Friday Frolics planned at George Rank's with Owen Irwin on electric guitar joined by Pete and Bruce, plus special guest Liz Farrar, along with a possible Delicate Floreths sighting. For killer contemporary cover bands, experience Deja Voodoo at the Curve, Grooveology at the Brille, The Antics at Dew Chilli, Remix at Crows Mill, The Freakness at Blue Grouch and After Sunset at Longbridge for unquestioned excellence in the genre.

Remember there's plenty more where that came from in our Live Music listings and to be on the lookout for Wednesday Holiday Walks beginning downtown next week.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, as well as a pleasant before and after.

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