a "no-thanks" poem was my thanksgiving

intent – no thanks for the oil-spewing XL

pipeline, no thanks for family separation

caging of kids hacking of habitat erasure

of reefs whales insects sapiens etc etc etc

but I've changed my mind and want instead

to give heartfelt thanks to the courageous

folk especially of our state department

military and more for showing us what worth

is what living up to commitment means what

faith in our institutions instills: no I won't

write a long list of names I will let two

women typify for all: marie yovanovitch

fiona hill: and add that their testimonies

(plus words of others) also strike home that

we are a nation of immigrants except those

here already – we know even these made

their way here long ago across icy land

bridges or via treacherous seas to populate

this bounteous land and all have given – as

my grandfather painted on his silo for us all

to live by – "life as well as an honest living"

2019 Jacqueline Jackson

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