During the July 20 school board meeting, member Tiffany Mathis raised concern about where asymptomatic kids could get tested. This was after it was announced an Illinois Department of Public Health testing site in Springfield would be leaving. The site, outside the county health department building on South Grand Avenue, had been the only option for testing asymptomatic kids. "I don't understand that, because if kids are to go back with a blended model, my hope would have been that that would have been the means to test kids coming back in from out-of-town," Mathis said as school board members discussed plans that could put some students back in classrooms come fall. Mathis is CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Illinois and said kids there must test negative before reentering programming after trips out-of-state or to Chicago. While the status of testing sites in Springfield and their parameters remains fluid, SIU School of Medicine is picking up the torch and conducting testing again back at 2833 South Grand Ave. E. Current hours are 9 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Other testing sites include Walgreens at 1155 N. Ninth St. and Memorial Respiratory Clinic at 2950 S. Sixth St.

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