Sometimes the word “legendary” gets tossed around a bit too lightly, but in the case of Tav Falco, no other word would do him justice. From the septuagenarian’s association with Alex Chilton in the late 70s to the current Cabaret of Daggers tour, Tav has led his group in an unwavering barrage on the sensible senses of artistic musicality for 40 years. Before the band he was a groundbreaking photographer and filmmaker, respected as a consistent force in pushing the boundaries of art in a creative way. The “Unapproachable” Panther Burns (named after a Greenville, Mississippi, plantation area that did indeed attempt to burn out a real live panther in the wilderness) like to describe themselves as “a Southern Gothic, psychedelic country band influenced by Memphis music styles.” That description allows for lots of leeway on the artistic side of things and they take full advantage of that allowance. Considered a true American rock ‘n’ roll band with a twist, these guys entertain while rocking your socks off, and maybe back on, too.

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Thursday, May 23, 8pm
Bar None

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