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Thursday, Aug. 21, is the next installment of the entertaining and informative PechaKucha at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. Some of Springfield’s movers-and-shakers take the stage and talk about what they know best, accompanied by PowerPoint presentations they have made. What moves the evening along and provides the challenge – each presenter is given only 20 seconds for each frame and they can have only 20 slides in their presentation. A few of the presenters in this edition of PechaKucha are Frank Butterfield, Mike Kienzler, Ron McDonald, Jim Pauley, Julie Ratz, Mark Roberts III, Bonnie Styles, Rachael Thomson and LLCC’s i.e. improv. Doors open at 6 p.m. Main floor seating is limited to about 175 seats. There are also about 40 balcony seats available when the main floor is sold out. Food and drink are available for purchase.

Thursday, Aug. 21, 7:20pm
Hoogland Center for the Arts
420 S. Sixth St.

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