Take 10: top DVDs for the cable-rree

Catching Up With Cable


Don’t let those who’ve cut the cable miss out on their favorite shows. Holiday downtime is perfect for catching up on some of cables’ most popular and critically acclaimed shows. Here are a few of last season’s biggest titles, available on DVD and Blu-ray.   –  Lindsey Romain

1. “Mad Men,” Season Four
(AMC/Lionsgate) $49.99, DVD and Blu-ray

2. “Rizzoli and Isles,” Season One
(TNT/Warner Home Video) $39.98, DVD

3. “True Blood,” Season Three
(HBO Home Video) $59.99, DVD/$79.98 Blu-ray

4. “Dexter,” Season Five
(Showtime Entertainment) $39.99, DVD and Blu-ray

5. “The Walking Dead,” Season One 
(AMC/Lionsgate) $39.99, DVD/$49.99, Blu-ray

6. “Entourage,” Season Seven
(HBO Home Video) $39.98, DVD/$49.99 Blu-ray

7. “Nurse Jackie,” Season Two 
(Showtime Entertainment) $39.98, DVD and Blu-ray

8. “Louie,” Season One
(FX Network) $39.99, DVD and Blu-ray

9. “Weeds,” Season Six
(Showtime Entertainment) $39.98, DVD and Blu-ray

10. “Breaking Bad,” Season Three 
(AMC/Lionsgate) $39.99, DVD

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