click to enlarge Sleeveface: Be the Vinyl
Sleeveface: Be the Vinyl
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Stuff on My Cat

The once dignified kingdom of coffee table books, where Norman Rockwell retrospectives ruled, has fallen to the shameless, hilarious hordes. Behold the many highly giftable books from bloggers who first rocketed to fame online. Here are photos of people obscuring a body part with vinyl record sleeves, there are portraits of families you’re glad aren’t yours – and get a load of those snapshots of Legos, pizza and, uh, other stuff on cats. Send tidings of laughter and joy with any of these happy volumes. 

Sleeveface: Be the Vinyl,
by John Rostron and Carl Morris
(Artisan, 2008) $13.95

Awkward Family Photos,
by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack
(Three Rivers Press, 2010) $15

Feminist Ryan Gosling,
by Danielle Henderson
(Running Press, 2012) $12.95

Garfield Minus Garfield,
by Jim Davis
(Ballantine Books, 2008) $13

Rules for my Unborn Son,
by Walker Lamond
(St. Martin’s Press, 2009) $14.99

This is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks,
by Jessica Amason and Richard Blakeley (HarperCollins, 2009) $19.99

Stuff White People Like,
by Christian Lander
(Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2008) $15

Stuff on My Cat,
by Mario Garza
(Chronicle Books, 2006) $9.95

I Can Has Cheezburger: A LOLcat Collekshun,
by Professor Happycat and
(Gotham, 2008) $10

PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives,
by Frank Warren
(William Morrow, 2005) $28.99

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