Spend a lunch hour listening to the sounds of local musicians showcasing their talents. For the next few weeks the Springfield Area Arts Council (SAAC) and the downtown Adams Family are hosting the Artist on Adams series of summertime outdoor concerts at the Café Moxo Patio. The performances will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 p.m., through Aug. 6. Upcoming performances this week include Mike Butler, Dennis Darling and Andrew Heathwaite. For over 30 years, SAAC has hosted the outdoor concert series. In keeping with tradition, this series will consist of performances by local musicians and is free to the public. The hour-long concerts will be family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone. The concerts are funded this year by the Illinois Arts Council Agency through an arts relief grant. Get more information at SAAC's website at springfieldartsco.org.

Artist on Adams
Thursday, July 16, 12-1 p.m.
Café Moxo Patio
411 E. Adams St.

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