Sweet and corny


Scrumptious grilled or boiled ears of goodness await you at Chatham Sweet Corn Festival July 18-20 at Chatham Community Park. Chatham Jaycees are preparing all that yummy fun you’ve come to know. The three-day fest kicks off Thursday celebrating its 40th year with $1 beers and hotdogs, more than 20 beers on draft, free parking from 5-7, The Blue G’s at 6 p.m., a program honoring 40 Sweet Corn Festival chairmen and fireworks around 9. (Chatham Library also has a display of the history of the Jaycees and the fest.) Friday night continues with food, the Little Miss Pageant and music. Saturday features demos, music, the infamous cow chip throw (sign up anytime before or during, two throws for only $5), blues music thanks to the Central Illinois Blues Club, Allman Brothers tribute band The Brothers at 6:30 and country band Still Kick’n at 8:30 p.m. Like to shuck? Help shuck Wednesday or Thursday nights at 5 p.m.

Chatham Sweet Corn Festival
Thursday, July 18, 5-9:30pm
Friday, July 19, 5pm-12am
Saturday, July 20, 10am-12am
Chatham Community Park
S. Main Street, Chatham
Free admission
$2 parking donation

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