The voice of the song “Riding with Private Malone” and a face of Operation Troop Aid, country music star David Ball will be in Springfield this Saturday, July 30, to help raise money for soldiers stationed overseas.

Ball is the second feature that night at Robin Roberts Stadium, where the Sliders will play a 5:05 p.m. game against the Sliders of Slippery Rock, Pa. Ball will perform directly after the baseball game, at no additional cost to spectators. Admission to the game costs $6.

Operation Troop Aid is a nonprofit organization started in Tennessee by Mark Woods, who retired from the Navy after 21 years of service. Each year, the organization sends to troops between 20,000 and 40,000 individual care packages containing phone cards, trail mix, toiletry items and letters of thanks.

To raise money for the effort, Operation Troop Aid will sell wrist bands and raffle tickets for a chance to win a guitar signed by various country musicians including Trace Adkins and Kellie Pickler. The baseball team will also be raffling off tickets for chances to win a donated treadmill.

“It’s going to be a great night. We’re going to have a lot of people and just do the best we can to raise some money,” says Dana Plummer, Springfield Sliders assistant general manager.

For more information about Operation Troop Aid, visit

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