The Less Is More Independent Theatre Company (The LIMIT) presents seven performances of the play, Insane with Power, at Catch 22 in downtown Springfield. Looking to bring new and less-heard-of plays to the area, Insane with Power is written by Scott Hann of Indiana. It is about a big-city journalist, Lois Lancaster, who visits a mental health facility while writing about their conditions. Quirky inmates imagine themselves to be crime-fighting superheroes, which Lois finds entertaining until something unusual happens that makes her wonder. Audience members must be 21 to attend. With that in mind, a Family Funday is set for Sunday afternoon, July 29. A cash bar will be open for all but the Funday performance. Ben Beams directs this play, and the cast features six local actors: Sarah Collins, Shane Beddingfield, Matt Craven, Stacey Hollerauer, Blake Detherage and Doran Komnick. Reserve your tickets by phone or email at For more info, visit

Insane with Power
July 26-28, Aug. 2-4, 7:30pm
Sunday, July 29, 2pm
Catch 22
11 W. Old State Capitol Plaza
$10, $30 front row couch (seats 3-2)

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