our junior high 9th graders staged
an operetta every year; my sisters
had solos their years I'd have been
part of the chorus my 9th grade for
I had no solo voice but that was ok
all us 8th graders looked forward to
our coming turn but then the director
skimmed off the best 8th grade boy
singers gave them leads in the 9th
grade performance and announced
this to be the last operetta ever
we 8th graders felt hoodwinked
except those lucky chosen boys
I still remember nanette mccloud
tiny beautiful 9th grader singing
"washing dishes washing dishes that
is all I do it seems... while my head
is full of dreams" and one of our 8th
grade boys serenading "sun bonnet
sue, how I love you, deep in your eyes
there's an ocean of blue..." but it was
still a lousy betrayal of us 8th graders
also of those replaced 9th grade boys
clearly I've quenched my resentment

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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