suicide poem number what

well it’s three years today since
she chose to leave us I shouldn’t
feel any different today since I
think about her every day but
somehow your bones remind you
more strongly. I guess I have some
things to be thankful for that she
didn’t take a messy way out with
shotgun or fatal jump an overdose and
drowning is neat but if gary and
larry hadn’t sought her found her
still swimming it would have been
a mess to find her in the lake the
shore full of gawking folk while
divers dove and dove so I can be
grateful to her to gary and larry who
surrounded her with love at the last
grateful to friends family all who
loved her and still miss her keenly
she was desperately ill of course or
she wouldn’t have put any of us
through it I hope there is no afterlife
or if there is she didn’t take her
demon with her well as the final line
of lycidas says tomorrow to fresh woods
and pastures new the only way to keep on

©2013 Jacqueline Jackson

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