Stoneman Sprint Triathlon, Abe's Olympic and Route 66 Half Tri

If you have been training and are up for a triathlon, Tri Harder Promotions has several challenging opportunities taking place on Saturday. With staggered start times, they have been able to fit three races into the day. The day will begin with the mother of all the races, the Route 66 Half Tri, a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run. New this year is the AquaBike category in the Route 66 Half. In recent years, AquaBike has become popular for those athletes who want to participate in Tri but have issues with the run. Those athletes will swim and bike the regular distances, then cross the finish line – no run is needed. The next start is for Abe's Olympic, with slightly shorter distances for each race leg. It also has an AquaBike category. The Stoneman Sprint will round out the race day with a 500-yard swim, 12-mile ride and 3.1-mile run. Each race takes the athletes under the arches of the historic Lindsay Bridge, over rolling prairie roads and the shaded lake roads. Get more information online at

One day, three races
Sat., July 31
Staggered start times
Lake Springfield Beach House
100 Long Bay Drive

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