Hailing from our eastern, state capital neighbor, Stereo Deluxe is a genuine, indie-rock band from Indianapolis. The power-pop quartet, composed of Jay Elliott (vocals, guitar), Ben Tatum (guitar, vocals), Luke Schneider (bass, vocals), and Matt Hogan (drums), have been friends since childhood, musically and otherwise, growing up together on the south side of Indy. They took the adolescent band experience of Unreel, their notorious high school group, and stretched it into Stereo Deluxe, a distinct and powerful, full-fledged band on the way to realizing those seemingly idealistic, rock-n-roll childhood fantasies. Now college students, the guys are taking the band for a turn around the block just to see where it can go. On the journey so far they’ve won the 2006 Indy Battle of the Bands, recorded a couple of really good records, toured quite a bit, and got voted Best Local Rock Artist/Group for 2009 in NUVO, Indy’s equivalent of the IT.

Stereo Deluxe
Fri, Oct. 9, 11pm
Bar None, Fifth & Monroe

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