Springfield’s first horseshoe festival

The Faith Coalition for the Common Good and the Springfield Park District came up with an idea that, quite frankly, we are surprised no one thought of before – a horseshoe festival.  This is the first of its kind right here in the birthplace of that one-of-a-kind sandwich.  A full day of a variety of activities is planned for this family friendly event. The Illinois Horseshoe Pitching Association will organize a tournament and local celebrities will try their hands at a celebrity pitching tournament. Kids can bounce in the inflatable house for free and swimming at the Nelson Center will be offered at a discount. Health providers and nonprofit organizations will be set up to provide screenings and information about their services, and vendors will be on hand selling merchandise. Capitol Radio Group is even joining in the fun, providing music via live remote. Of course, the star of the show will be the horseshoe and local restaurants will have all the makings ready to create and sell their own unique versions of the famous sandwich. Free admission.

Shoes and Shoes
Sat, July 27
Lincoln Park
Fifth Street and Sangamon Avenue

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