The Springfield Park District is hosting a new day camp for children ages 5-12. The camp will provide a safe place for children to complete their remote school work, but also allow them to participate in fun recreational activities. The attendance options include full weeks, full days and half days and the fees are adjusted accordingly. The park district, established in 1900, is separate from the municipal government of the City of Springfield. It covers approximately 2,500 acres of parkland, 322 acres of nature preserves, 35 parks, 23 miles of bike trails and four golf courses, and it serves approximately 140,000 area residents. The park district offers a variety of educational and recreational programs, classes and events for every age group. It at times partners with several local organizations and clubs to provide athletic programming and also maintains cooperative agreements with various police departments, school districts and local colleges. For more information on the back-to-school camp and other upcoming programs, visit their website at

Back-to-school day camp
Aug. 24-Dec. 18
Nelson Center
1601 N. Fifth St.

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