Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site kicks off its new 2014 series of musical performances, Made for Music, on Feb. 15 with an appearance by the innovative jazz trio Wertico Cain and Gray, featuring Grammy-winning drummer Paul Wertico. Wertico Cain and Gray create what they call “sound portraits” using both music and visual effects. Tickets are $50. For $100, enjoy a reception, the concert, a signed CD and a high-definition headset that lets guests tour the Dana-Thomas House while listening to the concert. For couples looking for a night away, consider the “Get it Wright on Valentine’s Day” package which includes the concert, a hotel stay and a Frank Lloyd Wright gift. Phone 217-782-6776. The Dana-Thomas House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright with music in mind. Space was created throughout the home for musical performances. Make sure to check out Scott Faingold’s Illinois Times blog, Faingold at Large, for a sneak peek of this concert including an interview with the trio and some of their music.

Wertico Cain and Gray Concert
Saturday, Feb. 15, 7pm
Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site
301 E. Lawrence

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