Who doesn't like parks? From Yellowstone in Wyoming to Riverside Park on Peoria Road, we should be grateful for green space wherever we can find it. The family of Elijah Iles, early Springfield settler, understood that, and so we have Iles Park in the city's heart, named for benefactors who donated land where pickleball and peace reign. With a baseball diamond and playground, it is old-school stuff, which is to be expected, given it's the Springfield Park District's second-oldest park, but, thanks to a $400,000 state grant announced this week, it is about to get an update, including – gasp – a skate park, along with more usual, but no less useful, accoutrements: trash cans, recycling bins, bike racks, picnic tables and benches. There, also, will be playground updates, additional parking, a spiffied-up baseball field and a new asphalt path three-quarters of a mile long to stroll upon and take in the new improvements while, hopefully, cleaning up after Fido. Good stuff.

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