Red, who worked on the farm, and
Rosemary, who lived nearby in
Turtle Township married, moved
a mile from the farm, awaited the
usual shivaree (a French word
spelled chaivari amongst many
spellings and designates a rowdy
unannounced gathering of friends
often in the middle of the night –
the unlucky couple is supposed
to have vittles on hand and expect
a boisterous time) Red and Rosemary
waited and waited finally figured the
celebration had been forgotten but it
hadn't – two months post event a 2 am
crowd routed them from bed released a
gunny sack of sparrows into their house
demanded eats; they'd brought some too
the merriment lasted till dawn when all had
to get to work and Red found his tractor
on his roof it was an event never forgot

2023 Jacqueline Jackson

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